Dear friends, dear colleagues!

The extraordinary situation of the last few months disrupted normal patterns of our living and made us face plenty of challenges, but also opened a number of new opportunities. In this difficult time, we invited all of you to meet at this Round table event to discuss the topics of the most importance that many of us here today find interesting and relevant.

The first session of the International Balint Round table took place on July, 4, 2020. More than 70 participants from 14 countries and 4 continents attended it: we had people from Brazil, Great Britain, Germany, Israel, Iran, Ireland, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine and France.

We were inspired by your feedback and interest in such meetings and decided to launch a discussion space where our friends and colleagues from Balint approach could gather two or three times a year (in autumn, winter and spring / summer) at the Round table to exchange ideas, experience, creative findings and even have a bit of a healthy argument!

In between the Round table sessions, if the participants are interested, we may have some local events — supervisions, master classes — online Balint groups conducted by experienced Supervisors and BG Leaders from different countries. We have already received such suggestions from you after our first Round table meeting.

The Chairman of the 1st International Balint Round Table, President of the German Balint Society, Vice President of IBF Dr. med., Dr. phil. Guido FLATTEN said the following in his introductory word:

«Balint work method seems to promote the family-like atmosphere that connects people from all around the globe. Nowadays the International Balint Federation includes 24 countries! Our Balint work unites us and puts us on equal level of communication: both the professors and everyone else who joins the Balint circle. We look each other in the eye and feel like equals. We are all free to share our thoughts, feelings, experiences and every contribution has an equally high value.

When we see the events from different perspectives, we acquire a multiperspective and a shared, connected and more aware understanding of the situation. The synergy emerges which is bigger than just cooperation or connection. Everyone contributes a particle of their own and something new emerges — something that did not exist before. I think that it is a special phenomenon of the Balint work when we work all together on making it possible for something new to come into being.

At the same time there are no demands and requirements to submit to the hierarchy or join the opinion of the majority or the position of an authoritarian figure. We learn to register and have our feelings, trust them and see more of what we did not pay much attention to before.

This situation creates new kind of relations that are above any political currents or other turbulent moments»

Dear friends, colleagues and participants of our shared Balint family!
We invite you to join our the Round Table discussions!

Сalendar of events

This section contains information about upcoming events: IBRT meetings, supervisions and master classes of specialists from various national Balint societies.

Online Journal

The Online Journal publishes materials from past Round tables. You can use links to read reports and co-reports, as well as view panel sessions of the round table in the recording. In the future, the discussion of the stated topics can be continued by publishing articles and short messages in the Discussion section.


At the request and on the initiative of the participants of the Round table, supervisions and master classes of experienced specialists from different countries can be organized. You will find this information in this section. 

Also, here you will find an E-Library where you can place your published articles and books announcement, as well as read articles by other authors and order books.


In this section, the topics announced at the Round Table will continue to be discussed in articles and short messages.

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